TMJ Therapy in Moline, IL

TMJ Therapy Moline, ILTemporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, is a painful joint disorder responsible for causing headaches, neck, and shoulder pain, clicking and popping of the jaw, and locking of the jaw in either the open or closed position. TMJ greatly affects the quality of your life and can be quite debilitating in severe cases.

The good news is there’s hope!

You no longer have to let TMJ pain control your life because, at LJ Dentistry, our doctors have extensive training in helping patients with TMJ and migraines.

What Causes TMJ?

The causes of TMJ vary from person to person, and it may even be a combination of factors that contribute to your condition. Some cases of TMJ are caused by trauma or an accident, while other cases can be caused by misalignment of your teeth or jaw.

Nighttime clenching and grinding, or bruxism, may also contribute to jaw pain and headaches. In many cases, the causes may be unclear, but the symptoms are often very debilitating.

TMJ Treatment in Moline, IL

Moline IL TMJ TherapyAt LJ Dentistry, Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lemon have advanced training in TMJ therapy through the Spear Faculty Club, and they specialize in helping patients manage painful TMJ disorders and headaches.

With an understanding of how TMJ varies widely between patients, they utilize different treatment options based on each patient’s individual needs. Often an oral appliance helps to relieve TMJ while in some cases, orthodontics or aligning the patient’s bite can help alleviate TMJ. Other cases may require a combination of oral appliances and orthodontics.

What Is an NTI Appliance?

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lemon often utilize an effective oral appliance called a Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition, or NTI, appliance to help alleviate headaches, migraines, and other TMJ symptoms.

An NTI is a plastic appliance that is worn at night while you sleep. It fits canine to canine, so it’s small, comfortable, and effective. By opening your bite, the NTI appliance relieves muscles that were used for clenching and grinding at night. When these muscles relax, it alleviates the headaches and jaw pain that often occur from nighttime bruxism, or grinding.

TMJ can be painful, but remember there is hope for relief and a better quality of life! At LJ Dentistry, our doctors will dig deep to find answers for you. TMJ often requires a combination of therapies to find relief, and Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lemon have the knowledge and skills to determine what type of therapy will be most effective for your needs.

The first place to start is a consultation and examination for proper diagnosis of your condition. Contact our office in 61265 to learn more about how we can help alleviate your TMJ pain and help you reclaim your life.