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Do I need a root canal?

Image of patient with tooth painIs your tooth feeling sensitive to temperature? Do you sometimes feel tenderness when you bite down or chew? These symptoms may be indicating that there's decay in your tooth. Even if the pain goes away quickly, this is the best time to contact your dentist because you may be able to alleviate the problem with a simple dental filling.

Don't wait too long!

If decay is allowed to progress, it makes its way into the nerve of your tooth. Now you're probably experiencing pain that is much more severe and doesn't go away when you take Ibuprofen. By this time, it's likely that the decay has caused an infection in your tooth, which is the cause of your discomfort.

What happens after an infection is identified?

If your tooth is infected, Dr. Lemon or Dr. Jackson will need to perform root canal therapy to eliminate your infection and alleviate your pain. The entire area around your tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic to ensure that you don't feel anything during your procedure. Root canal therapy in Moline, IL can help to preserve your natural tooth since an infection left untreated can result in tooth loss.

If you are feeling dental sensitivity or pain, please contact our office to schedule an examination.

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