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Use or Lose It! Insurance benefits expire!

November 22, 2017
Posted By: Dr. David Lemon
Insurance | Dental Insurance Moline IL

With the holiday season beginning, there are so many things we all have on our minds right now! Christmas parties, decorating for the season, PRESENTS! There is one thing that is not on that list but should be. Maximizing your insurance benefits.

Most dental plans have a maximum that they will allow you to use. More than likely, the benefit period is a calendar year, but some are more unique like April-March and September-August. What this means is that your dental insurance company gives a cap on the amount they will pay for ALL of your dental treatment between their specified benefit period. This amount even includes cleanings and unfortunately does not roll over to the next year.

Here are some helpful tips to help you maximize your benefits.

Get your teeth cleaned!

If you haven’t already had the allowed amount of cleanings for the year, this is one way to use the benefits that you and/or your employer have paid for.

Complete any recommended treatment that you have been waiting to do.

This could be crowns, fillings, root canals, extractions, etc. Since you cannot save the benefits for the next year, this is a good way to take care of treatment that you may have been pushing to the side.

Splitting the treatment over 2 separate benefit periods.

If you have a multi-step treatment plan, an effective way to maximize your benefits would be splitting the treatment plan over 2 benefit periods. For example, if one of your teeth needed a root canal and crown. You could complete the root canal in December and then have a crown made in January when your insurance has renewed.

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