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  • My overall experience with LJ Dentistry has been wonderful. I've always been reluctant about going to the dentist in the past due to previous bad experiences with other dentist. I can honestly say at LJ Dentistry I've always had pain free excellent experiences. The entire staff makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The staff is also great with children. My daughter had no fear and enjoyed the interaction with the staff. They helped distract her by having her count her teeth. I highly recommend LJ Dentistry.

  • I would highly recommend lj dentistry, from the front desk to all the employees in back they are all very friendly. You can tell that each and every employee knows and cares about what they do. I have had cavities filled and a cap done and while the work was being done I felt no discomfort or pain. My family has been going here for years now and we highly recommend Dr. Jackson for your dental needs.

Laser Dentistry in Moline, IL

Laser Dentistry in Moline, ILAt LJ Dentistry, your comfort is our number one priority. Our doctors have invested hundreds of hours in advanced training to ensure that they offer the highest quality care to our patients. They’ve also invested in some of the most cutting-edge technology that makes treatment procedures more comfortable and efficient.

We’re proud to offer dental laser technology at our office, which helps to make many procedures more safe, precise, and relaxed for patients. We use our dental laser for a number of different treatment procedures such as gum contouring, removal of oral lesions, and even acceleration of the whitening process. Laser dentistry keeps your soft tissues sterile during dental treatment, which promotes quicker healing. We know you’ll appreciate this advanced technology when you visit our office.

Gum Contouring

Excessive gum tissue can sometimes impede the appearance of your smile. If you show a lot of gum tissue when you smile, you may benefit from gum contouring. This procedure simply removes excess gum tissue from your smile, allowing more of your teeth to show. The impact that gum contouring has on a smile is tremendous, and the laser is used to make this treatment easy, effective, and pain-free. Healing time is also very minimal with the use of the laser. The result is a bigger, brighter smile!

Lesion Removal

Moline IL Laser DentistryMany people suffer regularly from painful canker sores or other lesions in their mouths. If you have canker sores, you know that most over-the-counter products are not very helpful for this condition. Typically you’re left to suffer until the lesion heals on its own, which could take days or even weeks.

The dental laser can be used to accelerate the healing process of canker sores and other lesions. With an intense beam of light energy, the laser will sterilize your lesion and greatly reduce your healing time. Lasers are also helpful in removing lesions for biopsies to ensure that you receive necessary treatment in a timely manner.

Advanced Technology

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lemon use the dental laser for many different procedures. If the laser is beneficial for your care, they’ll take the time to explain the procedure and exactly what will happen while using the laser. Whether it’s the appearance of your smile or the quicker healing time that the laser offers, we know you’ll be pleased with the results.

Laser dentistry is not the only advanced technology we offer at LJ Dentistry. Digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and digital impressions all help to streamline our treatment procedures. The result is that we’re able to offer a level of care that you won’t find in many dental practices. Contact our office today to learn more about our services and how we’re different.

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